Reviews by a selection of people, including celebrities, broadcasters, authors and journalists

'A terrifying and candid account of descent into a nightmare world of addiction. If this were fiction it would be unbelievable. That it is true is terrifying. A stark warning that needs to be heard.'

                                                         Mackenzie Crook (Actor)

'CLEA MYERS has written a book called TWEAKING THE DREAM. It is a harrowing account of her struggle with addiction.The woman is full of grace.Today she came onto the show and made me cry with her courage and fortitude. Please buy it ...'

                                                        Jeni Barnett, LBC Radio

'This shocking and extremely readable book gives a horrifying insight into the murky world of crystal meth ... a stark warning for us all in Britain where it's beginning to catch on'.

                                                City Boy author, Geraint Anderson

'I enjoyed your book Clea- very readable.'
                                Kate Spicer (Author, Journalist & Broadcaster)

 'This is a true story, a gripping description of an English girl's move to the US to follow the American dream but instead she descends into a drug fuelled hell - amazingly she survives to tell the tale and how... A brave memoir and funny too, I loved the tales of dumpster diving - a term for diving into skips to discover hidden treasures (American dumpsters must be of a higher quality than the British equivalent). A must read that reveals the true hell that is crystal meth. 
         Julia Stephenson (Journalist & Author Letting Go of the Glitz )


'This is both an extremely gripping and a very moving read. Myers is an excellent writer, and also a very brave and compassionate one. To bare the grime - and the beauty - of your life (and soul) with such self-effacing honesty is commendable. I couldn't put it down.'             

            Diane Southam (Screenwriter, Journalist & Psycho-Therapist)


'Clea Myers' account of her descent into the madness of crystal meth addiction is a startling and compulsive read. She writes with a clarity that brings this dark side of LA's glitter to life. I couldn't put it down.'

            Vida Adamoli (Writer)